Displaying your product in a quality showroom is essential to sales. Whether you're selling automobiles, furniture, flooring, boats, or retail products, it's important to "wow" your customers and display your inventory in the best possible light.  

When it comes to showrooms, flooring is on display just as much as the products you are showcasing. That’s why it’s important to choose the right concrete coating or floor covering product that will enhance the showroom experience for your customers.

Beyond looking great, your showroom floor may need to withstand heavy foot traffic, continual product load, and minimum maintenance. At Premier Concrete Coatings, we have numerous concrete epoxy floor coatings that are perfect for your showroom flooring needs.


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Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems Ideal for Showrooms

There are many epoxy options available for completing your showroom floor. Some floors are decorative to attract and show-off for clients/patrons while others are meant to protect and be a lasting solution. Here are 3 epoxy systems for commercial floors that you may want to consider.

Metallic Marble Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy installations are great for a commercial space that is looking for a beautiful decorative design. This option is highly decorative and should be used in areas that are meant to WOW people. Industrial strength epoxy is pigmented to colors chosen and topped with a durable polyurethane that can be waxed for maintenance.

Not only does metallic epoxy look beautiful, it offers a tremendous amount of durability. No other system can offer such a unique landscape with years of longevity. With metallic epoxy, you have an endless selection of colors to choose from. You also have the opportunity to choose multiple colors for your own unique design.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy Flake systems are one of the popular installations on the market. This system offers a crisp and clean look with incredible durability. This system consists of a layer of epoxy, vinyl flakes or quartz, and two coats of polyurethane top-coat. Additionally, a high-build epoxy can be added before polyurethane for further durability and smoothness.

1-2-3 Epoxy System

This epoxy installation is one of the most simple and cost effective systems you can buy. These installations are very durable and leave you with a perfectly seamless floor. As the name suggests, there are just 3 layers. One coat of solid color epoxy and two coats of polyurethane (can be colored).

This system is very useful for industrial buildings that demand high visibility due to work traffic. You have an endless color choice to choose from which gives you the opportunity to customize your floor just the way you like. There is very little maintenance and these floors are incredibly easy to clean. This system also offers maximum durability that can handle everyday wear and tear.

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