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Choosing the right flooring for restaurant and food service businesses is both an art and a science. Whether you’re addressing kitchen space, customer dining areas, outdoor patios, or other high traffic retail space, Premier Concrete Coatings has the optimal epoxy floor coatings and concrete flooring solutions to meet your needs.

Restaurant Flooring for Every Purpose

Restaurants are made up of several different spaces, each serving their own distinct purpose. This should be kept in mind when evaluating the best restaurant flooring solution. Surfaces that are durable and easy to clean are important across the board, but the front of house and seating areas should also enhance the restaurant’s aesthetic to create the desired vibe and ambiance. Public restrooms should always be exceptionally clean, and take into account customer experience, while kitchens and other behind the scenes areas frequented by staff must comply with USDA guidelines and help prevent slips and falls, accommodate the fast pace of a restaurant environment, and be easy to sanitize and keep clean.


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Polished Concrete Restaurant Flooring: Affordable, Safe & Easy to Clean

Polished concrete sealer is a durable, affordable option for any restaurant floor. It is slip-resistant and easy to clean by nature due to monolithic, static surface. Being a seamless floor coating means that no germs, dirt, or waste can penetrate through making for an allergy and smell-free environment. With the additional benefit of being easy to clean – any spills can be easily cleaned with soap & water. Furthermore, the surface has a special static grip that makes it safe and slip-resistant, ensuring a safe flooring surface for restaurant patrons and staff.

Decorative Restaurant Flooring Improves the Customer Experience

The right restaurant flooring solution can drastically improve the customer experience. It may not be a point of discussion among restaurant customers, but it’s something that everyone notices and interacts with, which means it can have a profound impact on the experience, even subconsciously. From first to lasting impressions, the look and substance of restaurant flooring is important. However, direct customer impressions are not everything. It is important to design for employee comfort as well. This means being mindful of commercial kitchen flooring in addition to primary dining and customer spaces. 

What’s the Best Restaurant Flooring Option? Polished Concrete Versus Polished Concrete w/Sealer

Polished concrete is a very durable and beautiful flooring system. It is perfect for retail spaces, distribution and high pedestrian traffic areas as it is easy to maintain and can be renewed if neglected. However, for spaces with open food and chemicals, like restaurants, it is slightly inferior.

Polished concrete by nature is still porous, meaning it can accept any acidic juices, chemicals, and other broken down contaminants over time. This results in stains that are burned into the concrete (will never be able to remove the stains) and further break down the concrete. Simply go to your local Kroger grocery store and walk down the Pickle aisle – here you will see irremovable stains.

Concrete sealer is a better option in a restaurant environment. Any grease, acidic food topping, and cleaning chemical can simply be wiped up off the floor due to it being COATED. In other words, the surface is not-porous and requires a mild cleaner to return back to normal. No stains.

Benefits of Restaurant Concrete Floor Sealer

Looking for a simple, clean design for your restaurant? Look no further than our concrete sealer, perfect for interior flooring. Our grind and seal process allows for the natural beauty of concrete to shine in any space. From a design aspect it can be rustic or industrial or give the space a real natural feel.

On top of the aesthetics, this flooring system is easy on the budget for the benefits that provide it. It outlasts traditional flooring! Here are some reasons why our concrete sealer system is better than other traditional floors.

Grind and Seal systems are simple floor transformations consisting of grinding existing concrete to remove any coating or scratches. Following the grinding process, all the joints and repairs are filled with material. The next day, after the repair material has cured, we grind all the joints and repairs down to achieve a seamless surface. The final step is to apply two coats of urethane onto the entire concrete surface. We apply two coats of urethane to achieve maximum durability. This system typically takes 2-3 days to install.

Benefits include:

  • Low cost compared to other restaurant flooring systems on the market
  • Very durable
  • Quick installation
  • 100% non porous surface
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Offer very high abrasion resistance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Less labor intensive compared to other systems

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Whether your restaurant has been in business for years or you’re just getting started with a new build, now would be a great time to start looking at epoxy flooring solution for your kitchen or dining space. Premier Concrete Coatings has an outstanding selection, and coupled with our consultative approach and project management expertise, you’ll be able to quickly realize the benefits of your beautiful new floor.

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