Residential and commercial pool deck have to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. At Premier Concrete Coatings, we specialize in delivering durable, slip resistant, high-quality pool deck coatings and concrete resurfacing options that deliver the perfect combination of utility and function. It's important that your pool deck holds up and remains in good condition while also representing the design needs of your space. As a leading Ohio pool deck installation contractor based in Columbus, Ohio, we provide the confidence and proven results that consistently meet the quality expectations of our team and trusted clients.

A Durable and Slip Resistant Pool Deck Surface

Premier Concrete Coatings pool deck flooring and surfacing solutions provide anti-slip texture designed to reduce accidents on wet surfaces. Our pool deck concrete overlays can be applied to meet your specific request: style, look, color or texture. The end result is a durable and minimal maintenance custom surface.

Today's pools are an extension to the home's interior. Our quality products will enhance the beauty of your home and provide you with a custom solution that you can be proud of.


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Pool Deck Design Inspiration

Unique Pool Deck Color Patterns That Look Great and Last

Our premium pool deck product is a polymer-modified overlay system which provides a slip-resistant surface while providing unique color patterns with fewer applications, similar to the popular antiquing painting system. The final result is a timeless, elegant and cost-efficient solution for achieving an outdoor surface that will hold up for years and deliver the eye-catching look that helps bring your pool, landscaping, and outdoor living space together.  The true-depth application provides craters, swirls of highs and lows and unique layers of colors.

What separates Premier Concrete Coatings pool deck coatings from other similar products?  It's simple - our proven process. After countless hours of research and development, Premier Concrete Coatings has formulated the perfect application process which allows for our unique layers of color patterns to penetrate the surface, while utilizing only one base color.  This process results in time and cost saving measurements while providing a unique flooring solution.

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