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Premier Concrete Coatings delivers high quality concrete epoxy floor coatings that can stand up under pressure and meet the demand of firehouses and EMS facilities.

Such facilities often require flooring solutions that:

  • Have the strength and durability to withstand fire trucks, ambulances, and other equipment
  • Feature a slip resistant finish that will help reduce the risk of injury while the surface is wet
  • Have a long-term life and low maintenance costs over their lifetime
  • A surface that could stand up to hazardous biological fluids and sanitizing chemicals

Solutions for Fire, Rescue, and Public Safety Flooring Areas

Despite the different needs served by the various areas within a given fire station, all require flooring that enhances the functionality of the space, while minimizing installation downtime. Just as each area of your facility differs in purpose, the flooring criteria differ as well. The experts at Premier Concrete Coatings can assist with the selection and installation of flooring across your entire space, including the:

  • Apparatus Bay
  • Locker Room
  • Restrooms
  • Maintenance Shop
  • Administrative & Training Areas
  • Residential Quarters/Living Space
  • Kitchen
  • Gym
  • And more


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Low Cost Maintenance

Your fire, rescue, and EMS teams have more important work to do than keep up with maintaining your floors. One of the main benefits of using coatings on fire station floors is ease of maintenance. They are easy to clean, which means you can keep them looking great without much time or expense. To clean, simply mop your floors with soap and water. Wax two or three times per year to keep them gleaming like new. High traffic areas may need additional attention, but compared to many other flooring materials, maintenance for concrete warehouse floors is a breeze.

Epoxy/Polyurethane System vs. Polyaspartics System

We find that a Epoxy/Polyurethane system to provide more durability and longevity over time compared to polyaspartics. Despite polyaspartics being able to complete a project in 1 – 2 days compared to our epoxy/polyurethane system that takes 3 – 5 days. How strong is the bond to your concrete? We mostly have to wait on dry times meaning that the material is soaking into the concrete. Allowing for a deeper, stronger mechanical bond. Better yet, epoxy/urethane system has a proven track record in tough/challenging conditions such as being installed in fire stations, military bases, government garages, airplane hangars, trucking garages, commercial kitchens, and more!

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