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Selecting the right concrete floor coatings for a manufacturing facility can be a challenge due to the myriad of use cases and technical specifications. Depending on the location, the factory floor may need to withstand not only high traffic, but also exposure to potentially damaging chemicals, solvents, ongoing moist or wet conditions, heavy machinery, extreme pH substances,thermal shock/ thermal cycling, and a host of other conditions, including requirements imposed by various regulatory agencies.

At Premier Concrete Coatings, our industrial floor coatings do just that; offering durability with impact and abrasion resistance that can be installed with minimal down-time. Requiring only a simple cleaning process and available in endless color offerings, our epoxy floor systems keep your factory or plant facility shining as your operation keeps moving.

Low Maintenance Flooring for Manufacturing Facilities

Concrete Polishing is an industrial strength flooring system that requires no coating or wax maintenance throughout its lifetime. This concrete resurfacing option is the best option for high traffic flooring as it has multiple benefits for commercial and industrial flooring environments. With superior durability and performance of concrete this option is perfect for high foot traffic areas; more and more commercial and industrial clients are opting for polished flooring over traditional options such as VCT, tile, granite, and even coatings.


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Benefits of Polished Concrete for Manufacturing Plant Flooring:

  • Attractive gloss and light reflectivity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High wear characteristics and scratch resistance
  • Safety – tested and approved to the high standards of NFSI – National Floor Safety Institute
  • Oil and water resistance
  • Increased density and hardness
  • Ability to create new color options through dyes (stain)

Common Manufacturing & Industrial Flooring Applications

  • Warehouse flooring (distribution centers, shipping and receiving, walk-ways)
  • Factory-heavy equipment flooring (power plants and manufacturing plants)
  • Institutional & Municipal Flooring (schools and universities, hospitals, museums, churches, nursing homes, jails and prisons, fire stations, stadiums, municipalities. Military Buildings (aircraft hangar, military commissary)
  • Manufacturing flooring (automobile, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, machine shop)
  • Retail Space (drugstore, dollar store, clothing stores, beer and wine store, beverage, hardware store, auto parts store, big box store, grocery stores)

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