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Basements are so much more than storage. They are often a great place for entertaining, relaxation, and so much more. Well designed basements also improve property values, and can help you maintain those values over time. Our basement flooring options can provide your lower floor with better aesthetics, greater durability, and functionality that few other basement floors can offer.

A Resilient, Striking Alternative to Traditional Basement Flooring

Many homeowners today are looking for an alternative to the traditional flooring options for their basements. This summer, Summer of 2015, Central Ohio has experienced one of the most rainy and wet summers in recent years. With that has come many calls about what concrete basement flooring options are available to combat a leaky or flooded basement. Not only can concrete be decorative, but it also has many benefits that other basement flooring options can not compete against.

A huge benefit of having a concrete coating installed on your basement floor is the fact that it will not get ruined in the event of a water disaster. The water will simply sit on top of our coating allowing you to easily vacuum and squeegee up the excess water. Thus saving you from ripping up any tile or carpet and saving you more money from an already expensive water damage event.


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Basement Coating Application Options

With our broad range of unique decorative residential coating options, we are certain that you will be able to find the perfect choice to improve your property’s value and give your basement the upgrade it deserves. Our concrete applications include:

  •       Graniflex
  •       Metallic Marble
  •       Epoxy Tile
  •       Rustic Concrete Wood
  •       Tuscan Slate
  •       Epoxy Flakes

These coatings are all moisture and scratch resistant, making them the perfect choice for your basement floor. They transform the traditional cracked and damaged basement concrete into something eye grabbing that easily attracts attention, all while providing better protection to your basement floor as well.

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